Photos Courtesy of our Customers

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QLD Sales Agent Paul Marrington recently road tested the Elite Trike at Ashgrove Golf Club, The Gap (QLD)

Ashgrove Golf Club is as close to 'extreme golf' as you can imagine. The first hole is a 500 metre steep climb. When I walk my legs ache and I am winded by the time I get to the top, but the Elite Trike has no problems at all. The rise on concrete after the bridge is exceptionally steep. The Trike slows down a lot but shows no sign of stalling. Speed was impressive, doing 18 holes in under 3 hours. Normally it takes 2-1/2 hours for me to do 9 holes walking. If the Trike can handle Ashgrove - and it can - then it can handle anything. An impressive beast - I enjoyed my games while using it.

Theresa Gregory, Sponsorship Manager, Illawarra Folk Festival, Bulli – January 2010

The trikes were excellent.  They were easy to use, they went all day, wherever they were required.  They were manouverable through the crowd and had no trouble dealing with the hills and the rough tracks of the Grevillea Park.  The people who really benefitted were shift manager, traffic manager, camping manager and the cleaner. In summary, they were an excellent and very useful piece of equipment.

Valmai Loomes, Secretary NSW Athletics Association, Wollongong – January 2010

Our wonderful trike what would we have done without him/her! Over the two day period of the NSW Country Championships held in Wollongong, "trike"  was a blessing, with hurdles to place around a 400metres track and then move them again to 200 and also 100metres, 'trike' was a joy to ride by all of our officials, who took over the manning on the both days.Trike' became an important tool for us over a hectic weekend, 'he' also carted around water to all our field games points and at the end of the weekend 'he' helped put away a lot of our equipment. What would we give to have 'him' around all the time - 'he' was an important part of our country titles, he will never be forgotton, OR SHOULD I SAY 'SHE', don't know if 'he/she' has a gender but the Trike is a joy to have around."

Miss Jane

We bought our elite camper back in 2004 when it was still known as Johnnos. Our camper has been to Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, up the Oodnadatta track, up the Birdsville Track, Walkers Crossing & Strezelecki Track. Mildura, Naracoorte, Keith, Canberra & Coffs. Mostly towed behind BMW R1100RT with chair, but has also been towed by R1100S & the family ute. Have made numerous modifications including lightweight annexe, tool box & pole carrier. Have had a ball on all our travels & have always had a good nights sleep. We recently bought a self inflatable double mattress which has been heaven, especially on cold nights. Look forward to meeting you somewhere, sometime.

Robert and Lesley Anderson – 4 Aug 2007

It started with a visit to Adelaide Caravan and Camping Show.  It was a good day and a great show.   After being there for sometime we came across the Elite Camper Display, and were immediately drawn to it.  On inspection, and after climbing underneath and into every nook and crannie Lesley and I decided that we were having one.  I was impressed that the 2007 model had a basic weight of 120 kls, was only 1m wide, had override brakes and although it looked smaller than previous models has a larger capacity - 600lt.  Lesley was looking forward to trying out the Queensize bed.

We had to wait 3 months to take delivery of our Elite Camper - such is demand.  It arrived just in time for our trip to Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast.

As we rode out our driveway this was the first time I had towed the camper behind the bike - didn't have time for practice runs.  Having towed other trailers previously I was impressed at how this one handled.  I checked the nose weight when we left which was  22kls.

Going up and down some of our local hills in Mount Barker heading for the Freeway the override braking system on the camper is fantastic.  When asked what are the brakes like, my first answer was 'I don't know' because you basically brake for the bike and the trailer brakes for itself.  You don't get any drag or push from the trailer.  I was totally impressed with the brakes.  There was nothing to adjust, nothing to get used to, they did their job perfectly.

We met up with Toni and Mardi Johnston at Tailem Bend at 6.30am, and headed towards our first stop which was Hay, where we shared a cabin and walked to the Hotel next door to the caravan park for our evening meal.  Next morning we were up nice and early and started off on a long ride to Coonabarabran.   Again we shared accommodation and had another early start with the intention of arriving in Coffs mid-afternoon on our third day.

We followed the road through Dorrigo National Park which was a steep decline with some sweeping, tight bends after bend after bend.  Having the brakes on the camper it gave me the confidence to enjoy the ride without the worry of the camper pushing the bike down the hill.  The scenery in that area was breathtaking, although a wee voice over the intercom kept telling me to keep my eyes on the road!!!

We had planned our stay at Arrawarra, about 30k's north of Coffs, in a beautiful caravan park.  We had an en suite site (the only way to go!!), and set about putting the camper up for the first time.  The main tent part of the camper was very easy to erect, we had purchased 2 awnings, one for either side, so they went up first, then we attached the annexe walls to the rear awning of the camper.  When it was complete, if I say so myself, it looked very impressive.  We had some interested onlookers who couldn't believe that something so large could come out such a small camper trailer being towed behind a motorcycle. Check the photo.

Well ladies - this is my part now.  I loved the queensize bed - it was soooo comfy and had plenty storage underneath for all the toiletries we seem to need to have with us!!  After all, one needs ones shampoo, mousse, hairdryer, curling tongs and makeup!!   I set up our camp kitchen over the drawbar, where the Esky is mounted, which made  it very conveniently at my right, and also had room for the kettle, toaster, electric frying pan etc. all under the cover of the awning, which meant I had a bedroom, kitchen, and lounge area!!! Very impressive.

Rob still had room to park his bike underneath the awning overnight.   After a week at Coffs we packed up and headed to the Gold Coast for another few days before our journey home.  We took 5 days to travel home and used the camper every night.  The advantage of the Elite Camper is that you need only put up the tent part which  takes 5 mins to erect.  To pack everything away in the morning takes about 15 mins, which meant we had an early departure.

We had one extremely cold night in Tamworth, but being on a powered site we had the fan heater on low all night, and were warm as toast.  We didn't know until we popped our heads out the camper in the morning that there was a heavy frost.  The camper was covered in frost and so was the cover on the bike.  Robert packed up the bed, put the bike bags in the panniers, put the fan heater on high with the doors closed on the camper.  We went off to shower and have breakfast, and by the time we returned the camper was frost free and ready to be packed up.

We reckoned on the way home we paid on average $25 per night for a powered site, which is a saving of about $60 per night on a cabin.   We rode 5030k's, and were away for 2 weeks and had a wonderful time in this amazing country, with the benefits of the best light camper in Australia.
By the way, I was so impressed with the 2007 Elite Camper that I have taken on the job as the South Australian representative.  Anyone wishing to know more about the camper check out the website www.elitecampers.com.au, or for those of you in SA call me direct on 040 121 9687, and you too can become an Elite Camper.

PS  At the Adelaide meeting Toni Duncan, who took delivery of an Elite Camper, and had it colour matched to his bike in a Champagne and brown livery, brought it into the meeting room where it looked very impressive, and I would like to thank Toni for bringing it down to let us see it.  People were looking over, in and under it. Robert and Lesley Anderson  (standing in for area rep Andy (the white-one) Akbar.

Mr G: We tow it behind our little Volkswagen Golf and love it. We love it because our dog loves it and we use whenever we can.

Patrick with his Spyder and new Elite Camper

Our first Rally with the Elite Camper was fantastic the Spyder handled the Camper without any problems. Towing the Camper was fantastic it just followed the bike without any effort. But the best part was setting up the Camper it was a breeze and we had so much fun and we cant wait for our next Rally. The bed was very comfortable to sleep in,we are so glad that we purchased the Elite Camper and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for the great service you gave us and keep up the great work.